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For a limited time, the Texas State Historical Association, a nonprofit dedicated to sharing the history of Texas, is offering its lowest-priced membership to date for students and their parents. Parents and students who join now at this special $20 digital-only membership will receive immediate access to the MyTSHA Dashboard, TSHA’s portal to its full catalog of online resources. Resources available on MyTSHA include:

Texas Talks Webinar Series

On the dashboard, you receive full access to the archived webinars in our Texas Talks series. In these videos, led by top Texas history scholars, you will gain in-depth knowledge of some of the most important events, notable individuals, and special landmarks from the Texan past.

Full eBook Collection

Get easy access to TSHA’s entire collection of eBooks. These eBooks feature content curated from the Handbook of Texas and Southwestern Historical Quarterly on an important topic from Texas history. These eBooks make an excellent study aid during your study of the Texas Revolution, civil rights movement, or the cattle driving years in Texas.

Access to the Digital Library

The TSHA Digital Library includes more than 100 volumes of the Southwestern Historical Quarterly journal, 60 editions of the biennial Texas Almanac, and several digital copies of out-of-print titles from TSHA Press.

Ability to Save Entries from the Handbook of Texas

The Handbook is the most comprehensive digital state encyclopedic resource in the country, featuring more than 27,000 entries on people, places, and events from Texas history. Craft your own personal study guide from this valuable resource by saving entries to reference while teaching or completing a project.

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Join TSHA to receive this limited-time offer for new members only. Not only will you receive these unique resources, your contribution will support TSHA’s ongoing Texas history programs for students, teachers, and all who want to learn more about their past. Become a member today.

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